Affiliate Marketing & Google Tag Manager

Limo Anywhere has added a new feature to your Online Reservation System to allow the passing of booking information like confirmation number and price to Google Tag Manager. By using Google Tag Manager in combination with some of the newly exposed data, you could do things like track conversions with pricing or easily integrate Affiliate Marketing Programs to your ORES. 

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Combining ORES with Affiliate Marketing Programs is a powerful way to get your ORES advertised by others while allowing the bookings that come from Marketing Affiliates to be easily tracked. These software's will typically handle tracking commissions to be paid out to Marketing Affiliates. If we can successfully pass cost information over to the marketing platform, the platform could then determine what affiliate the booking comes from and record any commissions to be paid out in their own software outside of Limo Anywhere. 

While we do not have any official affiliations with Marketing Software we can name a few that we have tested this with. 

Basic setup

  1. Create an Account with Online Affiliate Marketing Software
  2. Add the code provided by your Online Affiliate Marketing Software to your ORES using Google Tag Manager
  3. Create unique links for your affiliates that contain their referral information. This is usually in the format of The Affiliate Marketing Software helps you accomplish this.
  4. Send your custom ORES links or code to your affiliates
  5. Your affiliates should place your custom ORES code on their websites

Now when bookings are made on your ORES using your affiliates custom links, the confirmation number and cost information will be passed to the Marketing Software, and can be further processed there.

For more detailed set up instructions go to our full KB Article:


What’s next?

Cross Domain Conversion Tracking

We understand there is a need to track and monitor ad performance from search engines. Using some of the data made newly available, we could successfully measure revenue generated by Pay Per Click ad campaigns. This means we can send conversion information from your website, to your ORES, and then to Google Analytics to be processed.  Be on the lookout for our upcoming article describing exactly how to set this up with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.  


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