More November 2020 System Updates



  • Improved Wait Time design and behavior in Driver Anywhere

We added a Wait Time Start/Stop option on the job card which will show after the Driver has changed to an "Driver is Waiting At Pickup" status. We also added a Wait Time banner that will show after the Driver has started the wait time. We added these to help Drivers easily start and stop the Wait Timer if needed on a reservation. For more on Wait Time setup, please see our article.

  • Added Opel to the Fleet’s Car Make List
  • Updated Name to Berlin Brandenburg Airport for BER Airport
  • Allowed Authorization Only transaction amount to be higher than the Reservation Total on reservations without an account


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where Partner Trip modifications were not popping up the alert notification box

  • Resolved issue where Payment Receipts would show the name of the Card Holder instead of Passenger Name
  • Resolved issue where LA Net Real Time Updates would not transfer from originator to executor if executor assigned Service Type
  • Resolved issue where R&A would crash if user clicks on "Report Templates" from the menu
  • Hid the Scheduled Email option from R&A until the functionality is ready for release

We are working on adding a Schedule Email option to Reporting & Analytics. This was inadvertently released before it was ready and was causing crashes. We have hidden this option and functionality until it is ready to release.




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