Webinar: Get More Leads, Generate More Sales, & Manage Relationships Better

On February 3 at 2:00 p.m. (Central Time), Limo Anywhere will host a webinar covering different ways business owners can use our software to generate more revenue while running their chauffeured car companies more efficiently.

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The Limo Anywhere team is working on improvements focused on three main categories: sales, marketing, and accounting. We are focusing on Marketing Automation and CRM integration with Limo Anywhere, both of which are topics pertinent to the current environment. Retail and customer retention are emerging again as bigger focuses, and with less staff, automation is also essential to streamline efforts. Topics to be covered:

Google Tag Manager:

  • Better conversion tracking with ORES via Google Tag Manager
  • Affiliate marketing programs leveraging Google Tag Manager and ORES
  • Agent tracking automation through ORES

Third Party Tools: Zapier, Mailchimp, Zoho:

  • Social media marketing/ad tracking, retargeting, and optimization (via Zapier) integrated with LA
  • Integrating customer lists from LA into Mailchimp via Zapier for marketing purposes (and available triggers to auto-send)
  • Integrating customer data into Zoho for establishing nurture streams via Zapier (e.g., first-time bookers vs. repeat customers)


  • Prospect capture/lead management via LA CMS, ORES account create page, and LA promo code to incentivize sign-ups/registrations

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