Limo Anywhere Facebook Live Webinar – Q&A: January, 13th, 2021

Facebook Live Questions from Users

  • Is there a timeline for when we can expect to see any updates to the reporting?

There are bug fixes like Affiliate Sales Revenue Report issue that has been reported where it is still showing Revenue or improvements to Reporting & Analytics like Itemized Rates exporting and columns to be added. We have plans to get a lot of these done throughout the year and beyond. If you have suggestions, then you can always email

  • Is there a way to manage trips in different time zones in the grid? We want to make sure that these trips are entered in the correct time to the affiliate, but it would be great to see it in the correct place in the grid for dispatch to monitor it (ex. a 9am PST trip would be a 12pm EST trip, but would appear in the grid as a 9am trip).

Yes, so there is a Grid column named “Local PU Time” that you can add to your Dispatch Grid. The PU Time on the reservation is going to be the pick-up time in that time zone where the customer is being picked up. The “Local PU Time” is going to be your time. This is all based on the Time Zone set in your Company Preferences and the Time Zone set on the Reservation.

To add the column:

  1. Go to Dispatch>Grid Setup
  2. Check “LocalPUTime”
  3. (Optional) Drag & Drop where you want this column to show on the Grid
  4. (Optional) Adjust the width
  5. Click “Update Dispatch Grid Field”

User-added image

Make sure to set the time zone on the reservation in the lower left hand corner of the reservation screen so it displays the correct times on the Dispatch Grid.

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  • Is there a way to export rate tables to Excel?

Right now you can open up the Rate Matrix you want to export and click the Print Link. It will open a new page and you can select all and paste that into Excel. And that will give you and an export of your rates in that Rate Matrix.

User-added image

As far as a direct way to export rates directly into CSV or Excel, that is something we have discussed along with the Exporting of Zones, for future improvement.

  • Is there any timeline for when users might be able to purge inactive accounts from the system?

Account deletion can have an effect on a lot of things in your system. They could be associated with reservations, payments, invoices, etc. and if you delete an account it will potentially have a negative effect on those things it’s associated with. There is also a lot of back-end infrastructure that could be affected as well. But it is something we do keep in my mind as we try to help you with your data clean-up and integrity and also potential government regulations that may arise.

  • Are there any plans to allow the ability to merge duplicate accounts to assist in account clean up?

An account can potentially have a lot of data associated with it and moving that information from one account into another is a big task. It is also something we have discussed and that gets brought up from our operators time to time. There are no plans at this time but we do keep it in mind as it is something that can definitely help you with your data clean-up.

  • Is there a way to see the affiliate confirmation number in the grid without either having to go into the trip, or without having to put their confirmation number as the PO/Ref #?

Okay, so there are 2 things here. For a Farm-in your affiliates confirmation number will be the PO/Ref #. For a Farm-out, it does not look like we have that field to be added as a column. This is something we will get added in the future.

  • Are there any plans to update the trip edit and change log to include more detail?

Yes, definitely. We know how important it is to see who updated something and what they have updated, so there are definitely plans and we are working towards that this year in getting logs improved.

  • When batch editing trips in the grid, a restricted driver can still be assigned to a client who has them restricted. Are there any ways to avoid that while using the batch edit?

Currently when you try to save a restricted driver on a reservation you will get a warning and in some cases the name appears in red on the list. However this functionality does not work on Batch Edit and really that is because when batch editing on the Dispatch screen you are able to select multiple trips that could have several different accounts on each of those reservations. If we applied the same rules that we do when editing an individual reservation, then you may run into a situation where all drivers names are in red and several notifications pop-up preventing you from proceeding with the batch edit.

As far as improvements to restricted drivers. Yes definitely. It is something we have plans on improving in the future.

  • Is it possible to send payment receipts to more than one email automatically? Currently we are sending them manually, but it would be great if there was a way that multiple emails could receive these receipts.

Yes, so there is a setting you can have to Email Payment Receipts when a payment is taken under My Office>Messaging & Template Settings>

  • Is there a roadmap for moving data to accounting?

Right now we are working on some enhancements to Zapier in regards to CRM and Marketing which we will have a webinar on Feb 3rd. There are also some enhancements we will make to help with getting some of that data into accounting softwares as well via Zapier and also looking into some enhancements with Addons.LA.

  • Is there a time frame for a more advanced Zapier integration?

We do have several improvements coming within the next month or two and we will continue to strengthen our Zapier integration based on suggestions and requests where we see that Zapier can help.

  • When are you going to fix the bug when you add an account number it takes away the gratuity?

This needs more investigation and improvement but usually this happens because an account can have special rates or Master Account Gratuity and so when you load an account on a reservation it could replace some things that were already entered in the Rate Table. It really depends on when you load an account on the reservation.

  • Brandon, in custom forms there are some junk tables in the HTML code inserted by LA causing a page break in Gmail. Specifically for the #TRIP_RATES_ITEMIZED# variable. Can you please address? should be an easy fix. Thank you

This is something we are looking into improving along with our WYSIWYG editor in LA.

  • Can I move my accounts to another Limo Anywhere account as I have shut down my Limo Anywhere and work with another company who also uses Limo Anywhere and do my scheduling?

Yes, you can export Accounts from Accounts>Export Customers and put that into our Accounts template you can get here. Once you have that template filled out you can send in to for us to upload into the system you designate.

  • When there is a trip that goes for more than one day, are you able to make it that we can pick more than the one date? Just so we don’t have to go and do the trip on each day?

Currently Limo Anywhere only handles single date reservations. Our partner Addons.LA may have a solution for your multi-day reservation needs.

  • How can we get more characters on the schedule messaging for TXT (SMS or MMS)? Also predetermined text messages to Affiliate Driver to avoid miscommunication of information?

This is currently limited because some carriers have character limits to their SMS and we want to insure that SMS recipients receive the full SMS. However, we are going to revisit this and look into if we can expand that character limit as most carriers can either divide that info in several messages or just display the full message.

As far as text messaging an Affiliate’s Driver is something we are not currently planning. We want to be mindful of the affiliate and their driver and their communication. Some operators would hesitate in allowing their affiliate to communicate with their driver. You can however set up a Scheduled Email or Scheduled SMS to send to your affiliate which they can then communicate to their driver.

  • Is there a way to just add multiple “booking contacts” for one company without having to create multiple accounts?

So the way to do this is to create what we call a Master Billing Contact account with sub-Billing Contact accounts underneath that Master Account. You would assign that Booking Contact with the Master account and they can book for all sub-Billing Contacts and their Passengers.

Here is a diagram to better illustrate:

User-added image

  • Are there any plans to make LA interactive with Quickbooks on-line?

Yes, currently we are looking at ways that we can integrate QuickBooks with LA whether that is via Addons.LA, Zapier or by some other means.

  • Are you going to integrate or work with to automatically upload their bookings into LA?

This is something that has been asked by several operators and we are exploring our options in regards to integrating with

  • Can we have an agent login portal (similar to client login) to see trips that they are on for commission but not on billing/acct. on the reservation?

This is something we are currently working on and will be going over on our Feb 3rd, 2021 Webinar.

  • When there is a trip that goes for more than one day, are you able to make it that we can pick more than the one date? Just so we don’t have to go and do the trip on each day?

Currently Limo Anywhere only handles single date reservations. Our partner Addons.LA may have a solution for your multi-day reservation needs.

  • Is there a one-click "export to maps" feature to view routing information on google maps from LA desktop?

Not necessarily a one-click option but you can open up the reservation dispatch menu by right clicking on reservation or using the iGrid option then selecting Mapping.

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  • Is it possible to delete some trips totally from the system?

Not currently. When a trip is deleted it will show in the Deleted Reservations tab and should not show anywhere else in the system.

  • Is there anything coming down the pipeline with integrating square for payments

Yes, this integration is definitely something we will be working on this year.

  • Could you build into LA an agent pay option to add the commission % to account credits to have a loyalty system?

This is interesting and something we will keep in mind. We do have suggestions from time-to-time about creating a loyalty/rewards system in LA and it is something that we keep in mind. The real obstacle here is that each operator has their own loyalty/rewards system with its own rules and we need to create something that works for all.

Right now the Accounts Credits system really is a “one size fits all” solution and we can look into ways in improving it.

  • Will there be a Payment API release so external platform payments (Square, AddOns, Stripe etc) can directly be applied to individual trips?

There are plans for this with some platforms.

  • Will the ability to have more than 1 vehicle in a reservation be addressed?

Currently, you can assign 2 cars on a reservation with a Secondary Car.

User-added image

As far as assigning 2 Vehicle Types on a reservation, we do not foresee this being implemented. Vehicle Types are really a crucial part of rates in LA among other things and can create issues if we allow multiple Vehicle Types on 1 reservation. Each Vehicle Type should have its own reservation in Limo Anywhere.

  • How about adding a gratuity to online orders?

This is something we are looking at adding not only for Gratuity but for additional optional upsells as well. This would utilize our Criteria Based Fees and something we had on ORES 2 that we are looking into adding to ORES 4.

  • Driver app. Seems to have issues when drivers add times. Even if they choose PM, it defaults back to AM. Then the time needs to be entered a second time to get the PM time entry to take.

We are unable to replicate this issue on Android or iOS. If you have some more info, you can contact our support team at 1-888-888-0302 or and it would be much appreciated so we can get this resolved.
Another thing we want to note is that our Status-to-Time mapping feature could also help with this issue. Basically, it will time stamp the corresponding time field when a driver changes to that status in Driver Anywhere. You can find more info here.

  • Are there any plans to create a "bucket" of canceled trips so they don't have to be settled?

There currently aren’t any plans for this as every operator handles canceled trips differently. Some still charge and settle the trip. Some change the rate to 0 and settle the trip.

  • How can farmed out trips be looked at via a mobile device, ie.. iPhone?

This is something we are definitely building into our new version of Limo Anywhere mobile app. You will be able to view and edit your Limo Anywhere trips, Farm-out those trips via the mobile app, and also you will be able to Accept/Reject Online and eFarm-in trips.

  • Is SCA on your radar? We have asked about this on various occasions and been informed its being worked on We have been advised that this should have been implemented by 1st Jan 2021 here in Europe.

Yes, definitely. This is something we are working on right now to get completed via Stripe. As far as SCA enforcement dates, they differ from country to country and you can view those dates here.

  • Credit Card expiration notification. Can we get a notice for the upcoming expiration? Even a red box in the lower corner would be nice.

Yes, this is definitely something that we have in our plans along with other Alerts and Notifications.

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