Even More March 2021 System Updates


In this week's release we have made several improvements to our Zapier integration that can be very beneficial to you and your company. See below our improvements for our Zapier integration this week.

  • Added new trigger “New Payment” in Zapier to trigger a Zap when a new payment has been recorded in LA
  • Added new trigger “New Paid Bill” in Zapier to trigger a Zap when an affiliate or agent bill has been paid in LA
  • Added new trigger “New Driver Payroll Log” in Zapier to trigger a Zap when a new driver payroll log is created in LA
  • Added new trigger “Update Reservation” in Zapier a Zap to trigger when a reservation has been updated
  • Added new trigger “Update Account” in Zapier a Zap to trigger when a account has been updated
  • Added new data points to be included in Reservation and Account triggers:
    • Reservation:
      • Reservation Status
      • Payment Method
      • Payment Status
      • Total Paid
      • Total Authorized
      • Total Outstanding
      • Referral Source
      • Occasion
      • Group Name
      • Agent Info
    • Account:
      • Account Spend for last 30 days, 90 days, and/or 12 months (Financial Data)
      • Available Account Credits

For more information on Limo Anywhere's Zapier integration, please see our article here or visit Zapier here.

  • Updated the Account Financial Data Revenue Summary to be rounded at 2 decimal places (hundredths)

We have updated the Revenue Summary under an account's Financial Data tab to round to 2 decimal places. This will help give more accurate data for an account and in our future improvements.

  • Removed System User PIN from a System

The System User PIN is no longer needed with our new login screen and password reset process, so we have removed the System User PIN from Limo Anywhere.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue with Total Payments column not populating data in R&A

We have resolved an issue with the Total Payments column displaying as blank. Now this column will show the total of payments made on a reservation (Auth Only, Captures, Credits, and Voids).

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