February 2022 System Updates


  • Added feedback messages when the entered credit card is invalid on Payment Request screen and ORES checkout for Stripe

We added feedback messages for users who attempt to provide an invalid credit card on Payment Request screen or ORES checkout page for Stripe. If an invalid card is entered, a message will be displayed on the screen to the user, clearly informing them that the submission is not complete, either because the card is declined, or it is expired. This change was made to help improve the conversion rates of our customers booking paths. This new message will increase the number of users that re-enter correct credit card information, leading to more rides booked.

  • Updated Airline Name for Airline Code 7L

We updated the name of Airline 7L to Silk Way West Airlines.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where an error would appear on Open Balance Report if Passenger Name was longer than 50 characters
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