More February 2022 System Updates


  • Implemented option for Partners to be designated as "In House Partner"

We added the option for operators to designate Partners such as Boston Coach in Partner Network area of LA back office as "In House Partners". When the checkbox for this option is checked for a Partner, every trip received from that Partner will be marked as "In House" trip type by default. You can turn this option on or off as needed, if it is turned off, all the trips received from that Partner will be marked as "Farm In" trip type by default.

  • Implemented ability to farm out trips received from Partners designated as “In House Partner” through LA Net

If trips from a Partner are designated as "In House" trips by default, you now have the ability to farm them out through LA Net to your affiliates! Once you accept the trip, it will be marked as "In House, and if you need to farm it out, you would simply change the trip type to "Farm Out" and proceed to farm it out via LA Net like you always have done with In House trips created manually or received through ORES. This feature allows you to farm out Partner trips via LA Net following the same steps you would for any other In House reservation! This makes it easier for you to keep track of your reservations and updates, helps you elevate your business by saving you time, and allows you to focus more on expanding your reach through forming more professional partnerships.

  • Added warning message to Operator when accepting a Partner trip modification for a farmed out Partner trip if the modification is inside the executing affiliate’s lead time

If a Partner sends a trip to an operator, and that operator farms it out to one of their affiliates, there are three parties involved. Whenever applicable, the lead times for accepting, modifying, and cancelling these trips will be respected for all of them. We have implemented an additional warning for operators for a specific scenario that involves Partner Trip Modifications. Namely, if a Partner modifies a reservation that an operator has already accepted and farmed out to one of their affiliates, and the operator accepts the trip modification as well, but the modification does not meet the lead time requirements set by their affiliate, then the operator will see a warning message on their screen. The purpose of the warning is to notify the operator that the modification does not meet their affiliate's lead time requirements and that they should contact the affiliate to confirm.

  • Added “Icon” Car Make to the list of Car Makes in Fleet area of Company Resources
  • Updated Airport Name for Airport Code CPH to Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup


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