How Social Media Use Can Increase Your Limo Business

It’s 2022 - almost everyone in the world is aware of and knows how to use social media. Whether personal or professional, it’s easy, right at our fingertips, and effective at sharing quick and useful content. However, elevating your limo business’s social media status to increase revenue or reach isn’t always as easy as an occasional post, reel, or update. True digital marketing and social media strategy are intricate tool sets that can be mishandled and harm your business if not utilized correctly and with intention. Using social media well can increase not only your business’s visibility but revenue as well. Here are our top tips: 


A business must have a well-thought-out and helpful website to survive in today’s world. Education pieces about your black car services can live long-term in blog form or other longer formats on your website. Sharing a bit of a blog about a ladies day at the wineries with a chauffeured limousine on social media, with links back to your company’s website to drive traffic, will help increase visibility. Content need not be dry or boring either; think about using customer testimonials, feedback from an event your company was part of or posting videos of your limo drivers at work. Videos are as powerful of an education tool these days as the written word and can easily be shared from a smartphone directly across all social media platforms.


The word “engagement” gets used a lot regarding social media, and rightly so. It might be the best way to increase social media for your limo business and any related business interests, including topics that might draw new followers. Have you visited a Facebook page or an Instagram feed that has limited posts, hardly any photos, hasn’t been updated in a while, or doesn’t have interactions with comments? That’s a lack of engagement. A consistent presence on social media is crucial to increasing engagement and showing followers that not only are you interested in interacting with them but that you have a vested interest in engaging in your business itself. In short: if you don’t care, why should they? Create a monthly calendar with a variety of topics to appeal to your target audiences. 


Customer experience is the future. While that experience happens on the road with your limo business, the reaction to it, whether in the form of a review, online feedback or post-ride survey, can all be crucial to your company’s success. These first-hand experiences can then be used to change or update your social media content, turned into case studies for posts or stories, given new lives as testimonial links to your website, and much more. Do you have a listing on Google? If so, take a more vested interest in your Business page; not only do you share basic information about your business, you can post photos, updates, events, and more. And think about it: how many reviews is your company getting on your Google listing? The more you have, the better you’ll be down the road, as new customers use the reviews to make decisions about which black car company they want to use, whether for a ride to the airport or a night on the town. Experience culture is the future – and your revenue stream will depend on it. 

Social media moves quickly - those who take advantage of its powerful reach not only increase their business’s revenue but stay ahead of the curve in the digital world. 

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