Best Communication Practices for Any Black Car Company

Communication is key to any business’s success, but with a service based company, it is crucially important. All black car, livery, and limo businesses need to have communications in place, start to finish, that are effective, transparent, and filled with the information and details that customers expect from a high end company. If communication practices aren’t in place or aren’t utilized well, there’s a good chance that customers won’t return for future business. Here’s some best practices we’d suggest you implement today: 

Email, Email, Email for Monthly Communication 

One of the easiest ways to communicate with customers is via email. Everyone’s got an email address! Set up a monthly customer email where you share success stories, interesting updates to the business, any community-based initiatives you’re doing, or any notable employee recognitions. Customers relate well to emails that aren’t too heavy with minutiae but are helpful, easy to read, and provide some sort of CTA (call to action), which can be as simple as “click here to read more” about a blog on your website, for example. 

Easy To Use Software for Automated Communication 

If you don’t already have software that’s been designed specifically for the black car industry, don’t delay. Scaleable to any size business, software such as that offered by Limo Anywhere is the best way to not only run your business (booking, reservations, accounting, etc.) but it includes many options for communicating with your customers. There’s also an associated app which can be used for texting between customers and drivers, booking agents and drivers, and more. When it comes to communication about a customer’s black car service, whether that’s to the airport to head to a conference, or a booking for a night on the town for a celebration, the more information the better. No one wants to hear about delays after the fact. 


Pick Up The Phone

It might be old-fashioned, but do you have a human person at the end of your company phone number? Remember, your customers' age range is likely relatively wide, and you might be dealing not only directly with customers but with their assistants or spouses. While some generations prefer texting (which should also be an option for communication for your company!), an easy phone call, whether to book a ride or speak to someone about an issue, can go a long way to providing comfort and relief to an exasperated or exhausted traveler. 

Our society has changed over time but the service industry still needs to aspire to greatness when it comes to communication and customer experience. Instilling solid communication practices, both externally and internally, will only help your black car business grow and continue to be successful for years to come. 

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