The Benefits of Domain and Email Authentication

In today's digital age, maintaining the security and trust of your online presence is more important than ever. That's where domain and email authentication come in. These tools help to verify the identity of a website or an email sender, providing an added layer of security and protection against phishing, impersonation, and other forms of online fraud.

When your business utilizes third parties to send email, whether that be Limo Anywhere or another third-party program that sends emails on your behalf (ex. MailChimp, Constant Contact, Salesforce, etc.), authenticating your domain and email is crucial to ensuring your various business communications deliver smoothly. Limo Anywhere users collectively send out an average of over 100,000 emails each day.  Over 99% of these are delivered to the end user with no problem. However, there are some issues where the email, despite being properly sent, is not received by the end user, which can often be resolved through authentication.

Email authentication refers to the process of verifying the identity of an email sender and ensuring that the email was not altered in transit. One common method of email authentication is through the use of Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records. SPF records are stored on the email sender's domain name server (DNS) and specify which IP addresses are authorized to send email on behalf of that domain. By checking the SPF record of an incoming email, email providers can verify that the email is legitimate and from a trusted source.

Below you will find a list of some ways to confirm how to update your SPF records for your particular email platform:

Domain authentication refers to the process of verifying the identity of a website. This helps to ensure that users are communicating with the real site and not with a fake site that is trying to steal their information. This is typically done through the use of domain name system (DNS) records, which are stored on the website's domain name server. By verifying the ownership of a website, domain authentication helps to prevent phishing attacks and other forms of online fraud.

To request domain authentication**, please contact us at and provide us with your domain name for authentication. We will then provide you with several CNAME DNS records which need to be added to your domain as mentioned above. Once added, the domain should be authenticated and Limo Anywhere will have express permission to send email on your behalf which should provide a more successful email delivery rate for your company.

**Note, domain authentication does not work with free email services.

Benefits of Domain Authentication

  1. Improved security against phishing and fraud:

Email and domain authentication help to protect against phishing attacks, impersonation, and other forms of online fraud by verifying the identity of an email sender or a website. This helps to keep users and their information safe, plus helps create a safer and more secure browsing experience for your clients.

  1. Increased trust and credibility:

When a website or an email is properly authenticated, it gives users a greater sense of trust in the information being shared. This can lead to increased engagement and conversions, as users are more likely to share personal information, make purchases, and engage with the site in other ways.

  1. Enhanced reputation and brand image:

Proper authentication can also help to enhance a website or email sender's reputation, as it shows that they are committed to maintaining high levels of security and trust. This can help to increase the website's visibility and attract more visitors over time.

  1. Improved email delivery rates:

Email authentication makes it easier for emails to be delivered, as email providers can easily verify the identity of the sender. This helps to reduce the risk of emails being marked as spam or rejected outright.

Email us at to authenticate your domain.

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