March 2023 System Updates

This week we have some improvements and fixes for our Passenger Web App (PWA), Limo Anywhere Mobile, and DriverAnywhere. We also fixed some issues with some phone number verification in Limo Anywhere.

Every week we are working on releasing improvements and bug fixes across Limo Anywhere and our products to help your business succeed. Please see below for further information on our release this week, and stay tuned each week to see what else we are bringing to help you and your business.




  • Improved messaging and behavior on our Passenger Web App (PWA) if a user is trying to create an account with an email that is already in use

We have updated the error messaging and behavior on the PWA when a user used an email account login that already exists in the Operator’s Limo Anywhere system.

We will now display “Account with that email already exists” on the Checkout screen if the email address is in use and they have put in Password in the “Register” field.



  • Added the Pick-Up Day's Name to the Trip card on DriverAnywhere

We have added the PU Day’s Name to the Trip Card in DriverAnywhere based on feedback from Operators and their Drivers.



  • Added the ability to Clear search (X) on the "Search" screen in DriverAnywhere

We have added the ability to Clear search (X) on the "Search" screen in DriverAnywhere, so Drivers can easily clear out what they have typed in and searched for without having to delete the characters one-by-one.




Bug Fixes


  • Resolved an issue where the automatic Payment Receipt was not being sent to the Booking Contact email address even though the email address was checked to receive Payment Receipts
  • Resolved an issue with the “Vehicle Type” Report from “My Office Reports” was not including all Vehicle Types
  • Resolved an issue with phone number formats and verification for some US area codes and Hungary phone numbers
  • Resolved an issue with users not being able to process payments for multiple Invoices in some cases
  • Resolved an issue where users could not select the State in the Billing Address on an Alias' Passenger Web App (PWA)
  • Resolved an issue with DriverAnywhere "Scan" Credit Card functionality not working correctly on Driver Anywhere (iOS only)
  • Resolved an issue with Stops being duplicated when added in the "Update" screen (iOS only)
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