Q&A with Sean Arena, president of Limo Anywhere, and Andy Norman, founder and CEO at AddOns

Limo Anywhere and AddOns.LA have officially joined forces and to celebrate the two teams coming together, we sat down with Sean Arena, president of Limo Anywhere, and Andy Norman, founder and CEO at AddOns.

In this first post of this three-part series, Sean and Andy talk about the industry and the future of their combined companies.

Q: What are customers most excited about with the merger?

AN: It’s the same as us – the ability to more quickly deliver functionality that has a measurable impact on their business. It presents limitless development and innovation opportunities. Our teams are connected in a way that wasn’t possible before, and that’ll drive new and improved functionality, integration and system performance, quickly and efficiently.

SA: We have an accelerated pace of innovation together. A perfect example of this is our auto-affiliate offer solution. AddOns created a robust tool to allow operators to assign weights and priorities for auto-sending offers to affiliates. When an affiliate accepts, that information needs to be synched between the originator and executor. We can enable that much easier as a combined team.

Q: How does the industry benefit from your teams coming together?

SA: Most exciting is our potential to tap into other assets within our new owner’s portfolio of software companies. Fullsteam has over 65 companies - from automotive maintenance and scheduling to hospitality and event planning. There’s even an association management platform, which could tremendously benefit transportation associations—especially if it were part of Limo Anywhere.

That is a unique value-add that only we can provide by virtue of our ownership dynamic. That’s just scratching the surface, too—the sky’s the limit in terms of what future integrations could unlock for our industry.

Q: What are the first things you’ve set to achieve as a combined company?

AN: The most important things for us to bring together are communications and support. We want to answer your questions and help you leverage our platforms to best support your business, no matter if want to know about base functionality in Limo Anywhere, the new LA Pay or the latest AddOns feature.

SA: Getting to specifics, these are a few immediate changes you can expect.

  • Limo Anywhere’s weekly system-wide release notes will include AddOns features and enhancements.
  • Our customer support teams and onboarding specialists are cross-training on both platforms. While they complete this training, we’re also integrating our phone systems to enable easy handoffs between teams.
  • AddOns will gain access to new resources, such as our UX design team, which will further improve product usability.

Plus, we’ll keep you updated along the way on the latest and greatest across our collective portfolio.

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