April 2023 System Updates: Release Notes

We are excited to share the latest updates and fixes implemented in our system, focusing on enhancing user experience and streamlining operations. In this release, we address various issues, from fixing the initial quote response bug to improving the security of reservation manifest sharing. Read on to discover how these updates benefit you and improve the overall functionality of our system.


🔧 Issue: Initial Quote Response Not Sending on ORES

Previously, there was an issue in the Limo Anywhere system where the Initial Quote Response email was not being sent to passengers who requested a quote on ORES. This problem occurred when the "Email New Confirmations On First Save" setting was set to "NO," which should have only affected new confirmations, not the Initial Quote Responses. As a result, passengers were not receiving the automatic Initial Quote Response emails when they submitted a quote request.

🎯 Solution: Our team has resolved the bug, ensuring that the Initial Quote Response email now sends automatically to passengers who request a quote on ORES, regardless of the "Email New Confirmations On First Save" setting. This improvement helps users communicate more effectively with clients and provide timely information on reservation quotes.

🔧 Issue: Email Payment Receipt in Account

A problem arose where email addresses not marked for receiving payment receipts still appeared in the Email Payment Receipt window. This issue caused confusion and potential errors in communication.

🎯 Solution: We have fixed this issue by ensuring that only email addresses selected to receive payment receipts appear in the Email Payment Receipt window. This update reduces confusion and streamlines the process of sending payment receipts to the appropriate recipients.

🔧 Issue: Deleted Reservations Showing on iCalendar

Deleted reservations were still showing up on the iCalendar, leading to a poor user experience and potential scheduling conflicts for operators.

🎯 Solution: Our team has addressed this issue by ensuring that deleted reservations are no longer included in the iCalendar upon initial import. This update helps operators maintain an accurate and up-to-date schedule with minimal confusion.

🔧 Issue: Reservation Manifest Security Improvement

To increase security and prevent potential misuse of reservation manifest link sharing, we have introduced a new verification process.

🎯 Solution: We have implemented a more secure method for sharing reservation manifests via email. When a receiver clicks the URL in the email, they will be prompted to enter a 6-character verification code, which will be sent to them in a separate email. This additional layer of security helps protect sensitive information and ensures that only authorized users can access the reservation manifest.

We hope these updates and improvements enhance your experience with our system and help you better serve your clients. As always, we appreciate your feedback and are committed to continually improving our platform to meet your needs.

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