Q&A with Sean Arena, president of Limo Anywhere, and Andy Norman, founder and CEO at AddOns (Part 2)

What can you expect from Limo Anywhere this time next year? Where is the company headed five years from now? In the second piece of this three-part series, Sean Arena and Andy Norman share their look ahead—covering everything from revenue management to autonomous vehicles.

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Q: Looking ahead, where do you see Limo Anywhere a year from now?

AN: We want to shift the paradigm on how operators view us. We’re more than a platform that you use; we’re your business partners, invested in your success.

Each day, we wake up with a single objective – making your business better. That might mean adding efficiencies to your operations through workflow automation or helping you grow revenue through simplified rate management. We’ll do so by leveraging the best of both platforms, plus next-gen technology and functionality—all built on a secure and scalable cloud-based infrastructure.

SA: We’re aggressively evolving from a software platform that accommodates most operators to a flexible SaaS business that will power any operator. By next year, I expect our new premium offering, LA Black, will be supporting the largest and most sophisticated operators, while single-car operators and those new to the business will be taking advantage of LA IO.

Q: What about 3 or 5 years from now?

SA: One of my favorite quotes is from Abraham Lincoln, who said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” That’s exactly what we’re doing.

Content, context and convenience drive the world around us. What that means for our business is that we will continue to invest in areas that drive value through advanced automation, predictive insights and intuitive experiences. Take, for example, revenue management. While it can be complex to implement, technological advancements are simplifying the process, which will accelerate its adoption across our industry.

Expect to see revolutionary advancements in how automation and intelligence will enhance your business.

AN: Building on what Sean said, the years ahead will bring a democratization of advanced technology – making it accessible to everyone. Implementing advanced revenue management and automated workflows will be as easy as asking Siri to set a reminder. The future of technology will turn complex business data and processes into easily actionable insights and tasks, which make it easier to run and grow your business.

Think about autonomous vehicles and how they could work into your operations. A smart platform could help you identify the routes that would be most easily covered with an autonomous asset and how it could supplement your service – even identifying which clients might be most likely to hire such a private car.

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