Q&A with Sean Arena, president of Limo Anywhere, and Andy Norman, founder and CEO at AddOns (Part 3)

In the last article of this three-part series, Sean Arena and Andy Norman share their thoughts on what the future will bring the transportation industry and how Limo Anywhere is poised to deliver in that new world.

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Q: How will the industry change in the next 3-5 years?

AN: Through the pandemic, we’ve seen increased reliance on technology in our business and personal lives, which will likely expand going forward.

For the transportation business and our operators, artificial intelligence, automation and other emerging tech will become more commonplace. Embracing technology that automates workflows or drives sales, like Limo Anywhere and AddOns, will enable many to reduce costs and maximize profits.

SA: While there’s sometimes a fear that a heavier reliance on technology means a sacrifice in personalized service, if done properly, it’s actually enhances the customer experience. Customized, white-glove service and intelligent automation are actually highly symbiotic. There’s no question our customers know their customers best, but how well does the system know their business? That’s where we’re headed, where our platform automates lower-value tasks, while providing better insights and recommendations for higher-value actions.

Q: What will be the biggest change to the industry in the years ahead, and how will that connect to your business as a transportation tech company?

SA: The biggest challenge is also our biggest opportunity, and that is our ability to show customers all that technology can do for them. The most successful companies on our platform are the ones that take full advantage of the breadth and depth it has to offer, so we need to make sure everyone knows that.

Q: How do you ensure your company stays ahead of the curve when it comes to trends and the latest technology?

AN: It’s engrained in our culture. We’re always working to make things better. It’s the Day 1 mentality of Amazon, operating as if you’re a start-up even if you’re a successful, well-established business. We’re focused on improving our service, features, everything really, for our customers, and that keeps us ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and solutions.

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