Utilizing the “Arranged By” Field in Limo Anywhere

In a recent system update, we introduced an enhancement to our List Management feature—the 'Arranged By' field. This improvement grants operators the power to add, edit, or remove entries within their 'Arranged By' list, ensuring that unwanted duplicates or outdated information can be removed from Limo Anywhere to create a cleaner user experience for your reservationists.

Using the 'Arranged By' Field"

Operators can use the ‘Arranged By’ field on reservations in a number of ways. Whether that’s tracking the booking method for reservations (ex. email, phone, text) or monitoring who took an action external to Limo Anywhere (ex. confirmation calls to affiliates, special events). It is also a useful function when managing situations where a shared login might be accessing your system to manage reservations (ex. answering services or temporary employees).

Adding ‘Arranged By’ Field Options

You can add data to the ‘Arranged By’ field in two ways either in the List Management section of Limo Anywhere or by adding the information in a reservation.

List Management

  1. Select ‘My Office’ from the navigation bar and click the ‘List Management’ tab.
  2. Select ‘Arranged By’ from the left side of the screen.

3. Click the ‘Add New Arranged By’ link at the top right of the Arranged by Listing screen.

4. To inactivate a listing item click the blue linked item you want to change and select ‘Inactive’ from the dropdown.

5. You can also update information by entering new information in the field and clicking ‘Update’ or you can remove an entry from Limo Anywhere altogether by clicking the ‘Delete’ button.

In a Reservation

  1. When entering a new reservation, scroll down to the ‘Arr. By’ field.
  2. Enter the desired text into the field.
  3. Once you click ‘SAVE RESERVATION’ the system will add the new information to the List Management section of Limo Anywhere.

Feel free to share your valuable suggestions or feedback with our Product Team at ProductTeam@LimoAnywhere.com. Your input is crucial in shaping system improvements, and we appreciate your contribution to making our Limo Anywhere even better.








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