Feature Update: Customize Payment Request with Custom Forms

  • Customizable Payment Request Forms: Tailor your payment request forms with your branding, messaging, and essential details. You can now include:
    • Payment Request Authorization-Only Link: Allow clients to pre-authorize a payment amount.
    • Payment Request Authorization & Capture Link: This lets clients both authorize and immediately process their payment.
  • Payment Request Form Mapping: You can now easily map your customized forms to be used as the default forms when sending payment requests. This makes sending requests seamless and efficient.
  • Tailored Experience: Provide a polished, personalized payment process that strengthens your brand and builds customer trust.

How to Get Started

  1. Design Your Custom Form: Create a form that reflects your business's style and includes all the necessary information for your customers. Make sure you include the new payment request link tags.
  2. Map Your Form in Document Mapping: Navigate to the document mapping section and select the appropriate fields for your new payment request form.
  3. Start Sending Customized Requests: Once mapped, all payment requests sent from your payment terminals will automatically use your new custom form, including your chosen payment request link.

New Document Mapping Fields for Custom Payment Request Forms


Important Note: These features work exclusively with the LA Pay gateway. Please ensure that LA Pay is set as your default gateway.

Questions? If you'd like assistance designing a custom form or setting custom document mapping, please refer to our knowledge base articles or contact our support team.

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