Upcoming Webinar: Mastering Reservation Management with Limo Anywhere – March 27th @ 2pm EST

A Deep Dive into Manual and Automated Booking Solutions

Are you ready to enhance your reservation management skills with Limo Anywhere? Join us for an exclusive webinar hosted by Brandon Edley, our esteemed Director of Product Marketing. This in-depth session, slated for March 27th at 2pm EST, is designed to enhance your understanding and capabilities within the Limo Anywhere System.




In this webinar, we will explore Limo Anywhere's extensive reservation management features, highlighting both manual and automated booking solutions. We will begin by exploring the myriad sources from which reservations can stem, including manual inputs through the Create Reservation Tool, Quick Rate Lookup Tool, and Limo Anywhere Mobile. Additionally, we will cover online bookings through the Online Reservation System (ORES) and bookings received from external partners and affiliates.


We will focus on manually creating reservations, providing you with a robust foundation for grasping more intricate booking methods. We'll walk you through each step of manually creating a reservation, from initiating a new reservation screen to filling in critical details like passenger information, service and vehicle type, and pickup and drop-off locations to the payment details.


This webinar is tailored for Limo Anywhere newcomers and seasoned users seeking to deepen their knowledge of the platform's reservation management functionalities. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical tips that will empower you to maximize your use of Limo Anywhere, ultimately boosting your business's service quality and operational efficiency.


Ready to revolutionize your reservation management process? Visit our Facebook event page to RSVP and secure your spot in this transformative webinar.


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