Sean Arena: President

James Rich: Head of Operations & Partnerships

Milijana Lazovic: Head of Product & Design

Melissa Statom: Head of Development & Architecture

Jared Russum: Senior Product Manager

Kellie Ladnyk: Head of Sales

Sarah Studley: Head of Finance

Sean Miller: Customer Success Manager

Calandria Watkins: Manager of Support


Ceci Pearson / Merchant Services Consultant
Rebeka Pagana / Sales Consultant
Tasnova Hossain / Sales Consultant

Customer Support

Jed Comandante / Customer Support Representative
Tara Soskic / Onboarding Specialist
Dragana Lazarevic / Support Team Lead
Nemanja Kurlagic / Customer Support Representative
Tamara Atanaskovic / Customer Support Representative
Mihaela Usjak / Customer Support Representative
Nikola Masic / Customer Support Representative
Filip Gojkovic / Customer Support Representative
Predrag Bozinovic / Customer Support Representative


George Iskander / Billing and Collections Manager
Nikola Glisic /Billing Clerk


Vladan Vukmanovic / DevOps Engineer
Djordje Milutinovic / Mobile Developer
Miroslav Petrovic / Mobile Developer

Quality Assurance

Aleksandar Brankovic / QA Tester
Aleksandra Stojanovska / QA Tester
Marija Sujdovic / QA Tester
Milena Kirovic / QA Tester

Web Team

Milica Kos / Web/Apps Team Lead

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