Limo University

Limo University was founded with one mission: to grow limo companies nationwide. At Limo Anywhere, we have the same goal. It's an honor to be featured in Limo University's "Ask Limo U Show: Episode #79 - Small Operator Dispatch Software."

Limo University's founder, Bill Faeth, has been an industry hero for years. In 2008, he founded Silver Oak Transportation in Nashville. He later sold his business and found Inbound Marketing Agents, which was an award-winning marketing agency focused on marketing for limo companies. escortpage

In the video, Bill talks about the importance of finding the right software for your company's needs and how Limo Anywhere can fulfill those needs. He mentions the different types of software Limo Anywhere offers and the value behind it.

To learn more about Limo University, click here.

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