Client Spotlight: CTN Global Chauffeured Transportation

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Limo Anywhere sat down with CTN Global’s Fred Rich and Jessica Buckles—a father/daughter team!--to get the scoop on their business.

Fred Rich is the President and CEO of CTN Global. Fred is a veteran of the ground transportation industry in Atlanta. He started CTN with a vision: he believes that companies need to find their sweet spot so they don’t lose the personal touch. CTN doesn’t want to be biggest; they want to be best.

Jessica Buckles is CTN’s COO. Fred and Jessica are an excellent team because they know what their strengths are. Fred’s strengths are in marketing, sales, and networking. Jessica’s strengths are operational: running the business, implementing computer systems, and managing people.

About CTN Global

Through their extensive affiliate network, CTN operates locally, nationally and internationally. “CTN” stands for “Chauffeured Transportation Network,” promoting their partners every time they use their name. CTN provides high-end chauffeured ground transportation services throughout all of the major metropolitan areas within the United States and around the globe. Though they are global, their home and local focus is Atlanta and the Southeast.

CTN can handle any program, any size. Fred said, “We’ve handled anything from individual travelers or groups, and our largest event catered to 65,000 people!” CTN employs eight staff members, and their vehicles range from Sedans, SUV, Sprinters, and Executive Vans to Mini Busses and full-sized Coaches. Their biggest asset is their ability to manage programs/events and supply any amount or size vehicles.

CTN and Limo Anywhere

CTN has been a Limo Anywhere client for three years. They love the LA Network and the web-based nature of the software. Jessica notes, “We have tried ALL other major sophisticated booking software, and we can say with true confidence that LA is the best for our needs.”

Limo Anywhere Features

Each department at CTN seems to have its own favorite Limo Anywhere features. Jessica said, “We love how we can add our own statuses to offer an extra level of updates for our affiliates and to track dispatch times. The best part is, we can do it all on our own without calling LA!”

CTN appreciates the time zone features of Limo Anywhere—since they are global, this is crucial because they can send out 48-hour confirmations. They can also code affiliates based on location and send customized texts to chauffeurs.

CTN’s dispatchers love that they can see the entire run without having to click into the individual runs – the customized grid is set up to include information that’s important for them. It all comes down to customization.

Using Limo Anywhere

Jessica advises new LA users to customize it to THEIR business needs. “Play with the system! I bet it can already do what you are wishing it would do,” says Jessica. One time, she was with an affiliate and he said, “I wish LA could turn grid controls on or off.” Jessica said, “It does!” and was able to show him how. She explains, “There are so many features and functions users don’t know about. Take the time to get to know the system. If you think a feature doesn’t exist, post it in the Users Group! Odds are, it does!”






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