Limo Company Operators & Local SEO: Three Tips to Boost Your Business

Car service use is on the rise, according to recent research.  What’s the most effective way for your limo company to attract local customers in this growing market?  It’s no longer through newspapers or the Yellow Pages.  Successful limo company operators need to appear prominently on search engine results pages through a process called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  While you can hire a marketing firm to improve your local SEO, here are three basic no-cost tips to improve your standings.  A small investment of your time spent improving SEO can pay off in a significant business boost.

ID Your Keywords
To improve your SEO, start by figuring out your keywords.  Put yourself in the customer’s shoes; what do they type into a search box that would lead them to your company?  Words and phrases that may apply to you include limo service, town car service, black car service, chauffeur, ground transportation, or executive transportation.  Another resource for relevant keywords is Answer The Public, which suggests keywords based on common Google and Bing search terms.   Use keywords on your website in the title tag and meta descriptions as well as throughout your website’s copy.  This tells Google and other search engines where and how your content is relevant and helps them deliver your information to the right customers.

Update Your Listings
Next, make your business’s geographic location and service area easy for search engines to identify so that they can match your business listing with the right customers.  Include your location, such as New York City or Fairfield County, along with keywords on your website.  Also, ensure your business information is listed correctly and consistently on Google My Business, the basis for Google Search and Google Maps results.  Make sure that you are using a local phone number (with area code) and local street address (not a P.O. box).  For details, see Guidelines for Representing Your Business on Google.  The more business directories you participate in, the better your search rankings will be, so check sites like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau as well as your Chamber of Commerce or tourism council.

Round Up Reviews
If your limo company, like Limo Anywhere, provides exceptional service and transparent pricing, your passengers will leave your vehicle happy.  Make the best use of these satisfied customers by encouraging them to post online reviews.  Their reviews will boost your search engine rankings and increase the number of potential customers who click through to your business and ultimately become your passengers.  Take the time to ask your best customers to post an online review directly.  Include links to your Google My Business page and other online directory and review listings in your request.  Then, sign up for Free Review Monitoring to get notified right away when a new review appears.  What if you receive a bad review?  Free Review Monitoring notes that the majority of unhappy customers will consider returning if their issue is resolved quickly, so take the opportunity to turn around any negative situations.

The key to building your business through SEO is relevance.  By understanding who your potential customers are and what they are looking for, you can more effectively deliver them the information they need and turn them into your next passengers.



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