New Operators: When Is It Time to Invest in Livery Software?

Many great success stories in the ground transportation industry start the same way: “I bought my first vehicle and started doing airport runs. I steadily built up a loyal client base and after five or ten years, I had 20 vehicles and 10 employees. But at first, I did it all: reservations, customer service, marketing, sales, and of course, driving.”

Our industry has been so dynamic and welcoming of new businesses because we are an industry without traditional barriers to entry. A single owner with a single vehicle can start to make money very quickly. But growth, when it occurs, can be a burden as well as a blessing. Suddenly that single owner is juggling and having a hard time keeping all the balls in the air. Dispatch software could help, but is that small operator ready for the investment? Here’s how to know, with some insight from operators who took the leap and joined Limo Anywhere:

  1. Your potential for errors is growing.

You live or die by your reputation, and the busier you get, the more likely a service failure will be. You can avoid this with a responsive, customizable dispatch software like Limo Anywhere.

Jess Sandhu explains, "I fully switched over in 2015 to Limo Anywhere. I was on a server and almost got into problems with the server slowing down or crashing.”

  1. You need something easy and user-friendly.

The whole point of investing in software is to make your life simpler; you don’t have time to wrestle with a program that seems to require years of training to master. Limo Anywhere is designed to work for you, and our customer support is available online, through social media, and over the phone.

Ray Gavino agrees, saying LA “works for us as a new operator. It's easy to use and straightforward."

  1. You are struggling with various aspects of your business.
  • You’d love to do affiliate work, but you haven’t been able to attend industry events to network. If you used Limo Anywhere, you’d have access to DA Net and start to build affiliate relationships.
  • You’d like to be able to run reports, but you don’t have time to create them.
  • If you could store customer data, you could provide better customer service.
  • Your clients are asking for an app.

All of these features and more are available to Limo Anywhere users.

Josh Schnee put it best: "We have had LA for 9 years now. The biggest issue we had was not having it 17 years ago from day one."

Don’t put it off any longer. Contact us so we can show you how Limo Anywhere will support your business, today and into your bright future.

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