December System Updates


  • Optimizations to airport verification in Reservation routing


Now when typing in airport code on reservation routing and selecting pick-up or drop-off, the system will automatically verify the airport location (if you have Goggle address verification turned on). You will not get the popup-up to select from the list of multiple matches.

Before it would search for the 3 letter code in all airport codes and names. Example: if you put in ATL as airport code. You click Pickup as routing type you would get pop-up with multiple matches (like below) because "atl" is also in Atlantic or Gatlinburg.

Now the system will automatically verify based on airport code. See here.

Note: Stored Airports will still give the pop-up. We are working on making improvements on this process.


  • Updated Billing Address form on ORES


This will help reduce errors with user booking or converting a quote, and is also a step forward to processing payments when booking online.


  • Added and updated Airports and Airlines
    • DUR – King Shaka International Airport
    • AUH – Abu Dhabi International Airport
    • JMK – Mykonos Airport
    • WMI – Warsaw Modlin Airport
    • ViaAir airline
    • Norwegian Air UK airline


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