Make More Money With Promo Codes and Miscellaneous Fees

Limo Anywhere can make your business run more smoothly as well as help you make more money. LA has several options that you can set up under the Rate Management tab to make your business even more profitable. Promo Codes and Miscellaneous Fees allow you to increase revenue without increasing your overhead costs.

Promo Codes

If you would like to market your company in your local area, consider Promo Codes. When something special is happening in your city, you can create a code that will capture business from the event. Concerts, wine tours, proms, holidays, and college and professional sports games are all great examples of when to use a Promo Code. Offer a 5 or 10% discount to drive sales or set up a limited time offer that will increase demand during a given time. Once the has been set up in the system, list your new Promo Code on your company website and be sure to include it in your other marketing materials and promote it on social media.

Miscellaneous Fees

Similarly, Miscellaneous Fees are a fantastic way to add to your bottom line. Setting the fees up is simple, and they can be part of your regular fee schedule. Examples of common fees include Car Seat Fee, Holiday Fee, and Off-Peak Fee. For car seats, companies often charge a flat fee that ranges anywhere from $10-$25. During the holidays, the upcharge can range from $15-$50. Some companies charge for every calendar holiday, while others only charge for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. For the Off-Peak Fee, $25 is the most common amount charged, though some businesses charge as much as $50. The time of day that this fee is imposed varies from market to market.

When deciding whether to add Promo Codes and Miscellaneous Fees, do research in your service area. Check out event calendars and keep up with local happenings. Don’t be afraid of trying out a new promotion. Also, find out what types of fees are being used by your competitors. Call in to book a ride and ask about special services. Mention traveling with a child or booking on a holiday. Once you have information regarding the practices of your local affiliates, you can feel confident adding your own fees and upcharges or offering discounts and easily increase your revenue.

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