August System Updates


  • Added Payment Processing functionality to DriverAnywhere 4
  • Improved Seaport routing details in DriverAnywhere 4
  • Added License Plate of vehicle selected in DriverAnywhere 4 Profile screen
  • Removed Trip Total from Print version of Affiliate/Agent Paid Bill and only displays Agent/Affiliate Amount
  • Added select all checkbox to Affiliate/Agent Pay when selecting trips to pay
  • Improved sort order of trips on Affiliate/Agent Pay screen to display in ascending order by PU Date & Time

  • Added capability to create a combined Driver Payroll log with primary and secondary trips


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where Bill To/Pax Notes and Notes for Driver where not displayed on Job Details screen in DriverAnywhere 4
  • Resolved issue where Discounts were not displayed and calculated correctly in Farm-out Costs





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