Limo Anywhere\’s Customer Relief Plan: Update

Effective today (Wednesday, March 25), we have released a new cancellation status which operators who have coronavirus-related cancellations can use to exclude these trips from their net booking volume. Starting in early April, payment tiers will be based on March volume.

As we communicated previously, this will help many customers temporarily migrate down to a lower package tier while we weather this storm together.  This capability also provides new functional benefits for customers (e.g. help track these cancellations, which can aid in loan applications and loss reports).

With more than 400 custom “canceled” statuses in use across our customer base, a unified status across all systems is necessary so we can properly identify those trips and exclude them from the trip count.

If you would like to take advantage of this program, please follow these instructions. Note: to disable auto-sending of receipts and notifications, please refer to the section titled "To Disable Auto-Sending of Payment Receipts" as well as the section on scheduled messaging. This article will provide more information about tracking lost revenue.

Updates to your trips will need to be completed by March 31, 2020, for April billing. Please note that your credit cards may be charged a few days later than usual.

We recognize that our smallest operators who are on our Starter package—a large portion of Limo Anywhere customers—would not be able to take advantage of this program.  To help those operators already in the Starter tier, we are temporarily bringing the monthly fee down to $69.

Also, for any potential customers who have been contemplating becoming Limo Anywhere subscribers, we are waiving the upfront subscription fee of $299 over the next 30 days, effectively making it free to join our network.

Lastly, we have also heard from customers that during this slow period, many would like to focus part of their downtime on training.  Therefore, we are providing all material covered at last year’s LA Academy, free of charge.  An email will go out later today with a link you can use to access it.

We understand that many have been suffering significant hardships over the past month, and as you may have read last week, Limo Anywhere is no different.

We truly believe that we are in this together and look to share in the sacrifice to help see as many through this as possible.

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