LA Net Real-Time Updates

This favorite feature is a staff pick from Senior Product Analyst, Jared Russum. With the latest updates to status mapping and workflow, real-time updates in LA Net are more functional ever; all states in the workflow, including affiliate states, are now activated for real-time updates. (For more on the latest system updates, see our post about May 2020 System Updates.)

So what are the benefits?

LA Net affiliates send/receive status updates in real time. But remember it’s a two-way street. When you turn on real-time updates you are both sending and receiving these updates with your LA Net affiliates. (Which means your affiliate should also opt in.)

Along with status updates, all of the following details (if available) are automatically referred to the affiliate in real time, saving time and frustration for staff on both ends of the reservation, not to mention the improved customer service to your client!

  • Driver GPS location
  • Driver name
  • Vehicle type/model
  • Vehicle license plate
  • Final billing charges

Turning on real-time updates is an easy yes/no selection in the Network area of your system. On the LA Net tab, select My Company Profile, and set Real-time Update to “Yes:”

The bottom line: “I’d like to see operators utilize real-time updates for LA Net more. Now that we have the new workflow to accommodate for affiliates, I think every operator should opt-in.”

Thank you for sharing your insight, Jared!

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