Plug in to QuickBooks Online with Zapier

When you’re running a business, keeping track of your bottom line is of the utmost importance. You need to know where every penny comes from, and where it goes. We know that many of our Limo Anywhere clients, operations of all sizes and varying levels of professional finance support, are using an accounting software to follow those dollars. And one of the most common choices is QuickBooks Online.

Of course, accurate and complete entries are crucial, not only for your own knowledge but also for legal and regulatory and tax reasons. A lot of your financial transactions and data happen or at least track in Limo Anywhere, and you need to be sure that information is accurately reflected in your accounting software.  So much so, that we frequently hear you asking – is there a way my Limo Anywhere system can communicate with QuickBooks?

With Zapier, the short answer is yes! Of the 3,000+ available Zapier integrations, QuickBooks Online makes the Top 40 list, so it’s not only our industry that relies on Zapier and QBO. And that means there are quite a number of triggers and actions available for zapping in QuickBooks Online.

Let’s look at a couple of examples of how Zapier can simplify your LA to QBO relationship:

  • Scenario 1

There are a variety of complex trip-related factors that go into calculating your driver payroll, like standard and extra gratuity, peak hours premium, CDL vehicle differential, and so on. You’ve got your pay structure all set up in LA so that you can calculate the associated driver pay as you settle each trip.

The problem: Limo Anywhere does a great job of setting up and calculating driver payroll, but you need to transfer all of that data accurately into QBO to make sure your accounting books are accurate, and for your payroll processor to run an accurate payroll every time. Manually transferring the data doubles (or more) your risk of human error in the place you need the most accuracy.

The solution: Zapier connects Limo Anywhere with QuickBooks Online and sends Driver Payroll Data to QBO.

Here’s what that might look like -

Trigger = New Driver Paylog created in Limo Anywhere

Action = Create Journal Entry in QuickBooks Online

Bonus: Zapier has a built-in tool called Formatter that will allow you to transform data as it transfers between apps. Amongst other things, you can format currency, and even perform mathematical operations.

  • Scenario 2

Whenever you receive a payment, against a single trip or an invoice, by check, credit card, cash, whatever, you receive the payment and apply it to the trip or invoice in Limo Anywhere.

The problem: Your accountant (or yourself) needs these transactions recorded in QuickBooks to accurately manage your financials. Again, transferring this data manually can you leave you with data entry errors, or a troublesome time lag. And it’s costing you time, a valuable commodity!

The solution: Zapier connects Limo Anywhere with QuickBooks Online and automatically tracks payments received in LA to your QBO financial records.

Here’s what that might look like -

Trigger = New Payment created in Limo Anywhere

Action = Create Payment in QuickBooks Online

Bonus: Zapier works in both directions, so if you (or your accountant) catch something that was missed and make the correction in QBO, you can create a zap that will send the update to LA.

These are just a couple of basic zaps you can try. The more you explore, the more you’ll want to plug in!

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