Preparing for Zipwhip\’s Shutdown

As Twilio plans to shut down all functionality of the ZipWhip SMS platform on December 1, 2022, some users have reached out to understand what alternatives might exist. As you may know, Limo Anywhere offers the ability to send SMS messages bundled into its subscription packages utilizing an internal provider option. You can switch to using Limo Anywhere as the SMS provider at any time, or you may wish to take advantage of some SMS integrations with our partners over at AddOns.LA. Twilio has also provided a short list of long-time partners who can provide a messaging solution to replace ZipWhip.

Here is quick overview of some of those programs, as well as some ways to prepare for ZipWhip’s shut down.

 Key Dates and Deadlines

April 30, 2022: . Final day for customers to request any changes to their contracts and subscriptions for Twilio and Zipwhip services.  After this date, customers may continue using the services as contracted until the shutdown date
November 30, 2022: Final day of functionality for the Zipwhip software services.  Last day that customers can send/receive messages and export data from their accounts such as messages/contacts/groups.
December 1, 2022: Zipwhip software services are permanently shut down and taken offline.  User access is deactivated, and all functionality ceases.

All current Zipwhip software functionality will end permanently on the shutdown date. All of your user logins to the software will be deactivated, and you will not be able to use or access the Zipwhip software product to send or receive texts on any of your registered phone numbers.  Once shut down occurs, no data exports, contact lists, or any other account level data will be accessible.

The complete Software Shutdown Resource FAQ is available on ZipWhip’s website.


AddOns.LA currently integrates with several different SMS providers, including, RingCentral, Plivo, Twilio, and more. Several of these services offer enhanced functionality around SMS, such as two-way communications from your existing business number. If you are interested in utilizing one of these SMS providers, email AddOns.LA at or call 703-794-6100.

Once you have chosen a provider, you can update your SMS provider within Limo Anywhere to route all SMS messages through AddOns.LA by following the directions here:

How-to Use AddOns.LA SMS Integration – Limo Anywhere Knowledge Center

Twilio Partners

How to Contact Zipwhip All technical and customer support questions, contract and subscription change requests through April 30, 2022, and other account changes through December 1, 2022. All account cancellation requests anytime between now December 1, 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 888-888-0302 x2 or email

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