Exciting Announcement: Limo Anywhere, and all accompanying assets, acquired by Fullsteam.

With great pleasure and excitement, we announce that Limo Anywhere has been acquired by Fullsteam, a portfolio company of a private equity fund with significant assets under management.

With 60+ companies within the Fullsteam portfolio, Limo Anywhere will take advantage of new strategic synergies and shared resources never before seen in our company’s history. Fullsteam's main goal with this acquisition is to build upon Limo Anywhere's market-leading position in the ground transportation industry by enhancing the software, providing new solutions, and focusing on customer growth.

According to Limo Anywhere President Sean Arena, “ With these new investments from Fullsteam and our aligned vision for the company, we plan to further expand and improve our product offerings, accelerate advancements in our technology stack, and augment our marketing initiatives to further grow our customer base”.

Fullsteam owns many successful brands in the automotive and travel sectors, which also unlocks new and unique opportunities for Limo Anywhere. Fullsteam’s deep industry expertise will be a significant asset as we continue to increase our depth and breadth of the company’s product portfolio.

Under Fullsteam ownership, Limo Anywhere will continue to operate as a standalone service. However, this acquisition will allow Limo Anywhere to more aggressively execute on bringing industry-leading technologies and services to customers, while expanding integrations and capabilities with many of the other flagship Fullsteam brands.

Since the acquisition, the company has already increased staff in many key areas, including customer support, sales, and development, as well as accelerated investments in new technology. As a leader in our industry, we are in a unique position, with many untapped opportunities ahead. Fullsteam recognizes this potential, with more exciting news to come.

“We are thrilled to welcome Limo Anywhere to the Fullsteam family of companies,” said Fullsteam CEO Michael A. Lawler. “Limo Anywhere has built a strong brand and amassed the industry’s largest customer base. Through our collective assets and leadership, we believe the company is poised for even greater future growth.”

About Limo Anywhere
Founded in 2004, Limo Anywhere is the preeminent software solution in ground transportation. In over 15 years, with the help of the best set of customers, employees, and partners we could have asked for, Limo Anywhere has grown to serve nearly 5,000 customers across the globe.

About Fullsteam
Fullsteam is a leading payments and SaaS technology company headquartered in Auburn, Alabama. Fullsteam provides its acquired companies with streamlined payments infrastructure and enhanced operational support in order to increase growth and improve profitability.

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