Limo Anywhere Update: Our Commitment to Excellence and Progress

Dear Valued Customers, 

First, we would like to acknowledge that the service interruptions encountered yesterday are not in keeping with our standards, regardless of the reason. We fully understand our software's critical role in your operations and acknowledge the inconvenience caused by these disruptions. 

Our Promise of Reliability and Excellence 

As the most widely used software in the black car industry software market, Limo Anywhere is committed to delivering a platform that excels in stability, speed, and scalability.  

In keeping with this commitment, we are thrilled to announce a significant leap in our technology infrastructure. Taking a cue from the success of, we are currently in the process of transitioning our architecture to a more scalable, high-performance, and flexible environment. This shift promises to bring about noticeable improvements in our service delivery and performance and is just one of many parallel efforts currently in work and/or soon to be completed. 

Key initiatives underway include: 

  • Infrastructure Upgrade: Migrating to a new, robust cloud environment, mirroring the successful architecture of 
  • Tech Talent Surge: Ramping up additional senior software and database engineers to expedite this transition. 
  • Network Optimization: Introducing a new utility within our environment that will improve network speed and reliability. 
  • New Dispatch Engine: Receive real-time trip updates streamed directly into the dispatch screen, boosting users' awareness of ongoing changes and removing the need for a constant auto-refresh of the browser. 
  • Next Gen Reporting Platform: Optimizing critical queries for improved efficiency and response times, re-incorporating historical data currently archived, and adding new report types. 


What To Expect 

Several of the improvements above are scheduled for release over the coming weeks, with others in the coming months. We understand that trust is earned through consistent and reliable service. Thus, we are making a groundbreaking and substantial investment in our technology to set a new standard in software performance for the black car industry. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we implement these upgrades. Rest assured, we are fully committed to making these changes as seamless and transparent as possible.  

We invite you to monitor our ongoing performance and improvements as we strive for continual excellence in our service delivery. We will also keep you apprised of our continued progress through social, blogs, and e-mail. 

Thank you for choosing Limo Anywhere. We look forward to continuing to serve you with a platform that is not only reliable but also at the forefront of technological innovation. 

Warm regards,
Limo Anywhere 

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