See What You May Have Missed

Below is what you may have missed or maybe don’t know about Limo Anywhere.  There’s no better time to take advantage of all we’ve launched (on top of all that already exists).

Limo Anywhere Now Has The Following:

But Wait, There’s More
LA AddOns Can Also Provide The Following;
  • Lead Quote Close CRM tool (with dynamic pricing)
  • DOT Compliance: Do you need help keeping up with the new Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations each month? LA AddOns helps you ensure compliance with DOT regulations by continually evaluating new DOT requirements, tracking your company’s adherence to these policies, and notifying you whenever you need to take action.
  • Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR):  With LA AddOns Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) functions, you can help ensure your drivers are doing their jobs and your fleet is in optimum shape, avoiding DOT fines, mechanical breakdowns, and potential lost business. You may also be interested in the material from our partners at this link . Recommended.
  • Dynamic driver scheduling module:  Simplify the process of handling employee shifts, time off, and vehicle scheduling for your Limo Anywhere system
  • Dispatch Monitor:  A comprehensive system that acts as a second set of eyes on your dispatch, grid checking each driver’s current location/ETA  and trip information.
  • Telephony Screen Pops: Imagine if your call center could address your clients by name each time they called. Not only that, but they could instantly see that customer’s past history with your company, including all their calls into your business, their past trips, their upcoming trips, and their most current trip.
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