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Transform your transportation business with our latest Limo Anywhere packages. Experience a suite of new and improved features that bring intelligent automation, customer engagement, and operational efficiency to the forefront.

Limo Anywhere: The Ultimate Business Suite for Transportation Companies 

Reach the full potential of your transportation operations with Limo Anywhere’s latest features. From Automated Driver Wake-Ups to Custom Passenger Surveys and Virtual Dispatcher, we offer groundbreaking features designed for both small operators and industry leaders.

Why Upgrade to the Latest Limo Anywhere Packages? Explore These New Features:


LA PLUS & Black
LA Black Exclusives
  • NEW: Ensure the best possible affiliate matches for rides with Auto Farm.
  • NEW: Optimize chauffeur and vehicle assignments with ease using Dynamic Scheduler.
  • NEW: Stay ahead of delays and missed assignments with Dispatch Monitor.
  • NEW: Enhance your client experience with customizable automated call handling with real-time trip updates from Virtual Dispatcher.
  • NEW: Keep a close eye on every journey with precise GPS tracking from Advanced Dispatch Mapping.
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Don't miss early morning rides with Automated Driver Wake-Ups 

Say goodbye to the stress of early morning pick-ups. Limo Anywhere’s Automated Driver Wake-Ups send timely text messages and calls to ensure your drivers are punctual. Our intelligent algorithm accounts for traffic and distance, calculating the perfect wake-up time. No response? The system escalates, alerting your dispatch team or a backup driver. The result? Flawless pick-ups, every time.

Increase customer retention and loyalty with Custom Passenger Surveys 

Turn your customer feedback into actionable insights with Limo Anywhere’s Custom Passenger Surveys. These easy-to-use surveys measure your performance and directly inform your business strategy. Integrated seamlessly into your existing Limo Anywhere account, survey results map directly to reservation data, eliminating the need for manual cross-referencing. Leverage positive feedback by showcasing it online and make data-driven decisions quickly and effortlessly.

Keep your financial records up-to-date with QuickBooks Integration

Automate your financial workflows with Limo Anywhere’s QuickBooks Online Sync. This tool auto-syncs invoices, payments, and client data between Limo Anywhere and QuickBooks, eliminating manual entry and reducing errors. Focus on what matters: growing your business with real-time, accurate financial data at your fingertips.

Build a robust defense against fraudulent transactions with Contract and Credit Card Capture 

Safeguard your business from the prevalent issue of chargebacks in the Black Car industry. Limo Anywhere’s Contract & Credit Card Capture tool auto-collects customer signatures, card details, and IDs, creating a solid wall against fraud. With seamless integration into your existing system, focus on delivering exceptional services while ensuring secure, transparent transactions.

Ensure the best possible affiliate matches for rides with Auto Farm 

Revolutionize your reservation outsourcing process using Limo Anywhere’s Auto Farm. The tool employs an intelligent rules engine to allocate reservations to affiliates according to predefined criteria. Minimize manual intervention through precise matching, freeing time to grow your business.

Stay ahead of delays and missed assignments with Dispatch Monitor

Refine your passenger service operations with our Dispatch Monitor, a specialized, real-time dashboard for dispatchers. Designed to preemptively manage your trips, it ensures that every journey begins without a hitch, safeguarding your reputation for impeccable service.

Keep a close eye on every journey with precise GPS tracking from Advanced Dispatch Mapping.

An innovative feature that integrates real-time and historical GPS data with reservation and status update information. This powerful tool offers insights into route efficiency and driver reliability, ensuring that every journey meets high standards of excellence.

Which Version is Right for Your Business?

Limo Anywhere comes in three different packages: Core, Plus, and LA Black. Each is designed to cater to varying needs depending on the size and complexity of your operations.

LA Core:

Ideal for startups and crucial for established small-to-midsize operators, Core offers fundamental features like Reservation and Dispatch Management. Businesses looking to create or optimize their operations will find Core equipped with robust foundational tools.

LA Plus:

Optimized for ambitious businesses eyeing rapid growth, the Plus package offers features that automate and streamline operations. With advanced functionalities like Automated Driver Wake-Ups, Quickbooks Online Sync, and Contract & Credit Card Capture, Plus serves as your virtual operations manager, taking care of manual tasks so you can focus on strategic expansion.

LA Black:

Engineered for industry veterans and bustling enterprises, LA Black represents the pinnacle of Transportation Management software. LA Black suits your needs, whether you’ve grown your single-vehicle operation into a powerhouse or manage a corporate travel service with a large fleet. This package features an exhaustive set of advanced tools such as Virtual Dispatch and Auto-Farm. It provides a comprehensive, 360-degree view of your operations, making it ideal for companies managing hundreds of daily rides. Choose LA Black to keep up with the industry and define its future.

Discover the full potential of your transportation business with Limo Anywhere's latest features, meticulously designed to enhance your operations. There's no better time than now to upgrade and experience the benefits firsthand. Unlock the possibilities and take a significant step towards elevating your service with Limo Anywhere. Start your transformation journey today and see the difference for yourself!

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