Release Notes

July System Updates

What’s New? Added Google Tag Manager support to ORES 4 settings. This addition was a direct response to the request from many Limo Anywhere clients. Google Tag Manager is a container used for adding tags to a website. It also incorporates Google Adwords, Conversion Tracking, and Google Analytics.     Improvements LANet farm-outs can now […]

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June System Updates!

As your software provider, we know you depend on us to help you run your business. Your success is ours, so we\’ve built tools to boost your business processes. We are continually working to modernize our products and improve our system to create a better platform for you. Improvements: Added the ability to edit  Return

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May System Updates!

In this release, we’ve worked tirelessly to bring you better features in ORES 4.5 and made GDPR compliance easier than ever! Read on to find out what new features we’ve created for you. New Implementations Introduced GDPR pop-up messages that inform ORES users why their data is being collected ORES users must comply with privacy

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April System Updates

  New Features: Added “Service Type” to filters in the Scheduled Messaging Module. This filter allows scheduled messages to be sent based on a reservation\’s selected service type. Added SMS blackout time to Scheduled SMS. Blackout times will prevent Scheduled SMS from sending out within the specified time frame. NOTE: If the message is scheduled

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March System Updates!

  As we advance into a new season of Limo Anywhere products and user experience, we continuously strive to improve the general functionality of our software. We have listened to and documented a plethora of customer feedback from various online platforms and the recently concluded LCT Show. Your feedback is a primary focus for us and a vital

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Limo Anywhere Launches Series of New Products & Features

Over the past several months, Limo Anywhere has made good on this commitment through a spate of new releases, a primary example being the recent enhancements made to ORES (Online Reservation Software). The most recent version includes multiple vehicle images, customizable reservations widgets, increased security, and an updated dashboard to give users the best possible experience. In addition, search and reporting capabilities were made more robust.

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So What is Next? #ComingSoon! If there is anything enjoyable to talk about, it\’s the announcement of new stuff! Limo Anywhere is about to launch some two very effective tools in modern business transactions and processes. Allow us to introduce you to: \”LA Mobile\” – The Limo Anywhere Administrative Mobile App The app’s functionalities include: Creating reservations Editing

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